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Let Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT) in Toronto, Ontario help you relieve stress in the workplace with trained therapy dog visits. Get a glimpse of how our four-legged friends can positively affect you and your team by browsing our gallery below.


This gentle giant, Harlow, is an award winning Therapy Dog who loves working with kids and adults. At 140 lbs she has huge WOW factor and is a crowd favorite * Harlow is Child Certified.


Champ is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

He's fun loving, sweet, eager to learn and has an endearing quality that allows him to immediately connect with people.


Our next mascot in training. Tipping the scales at 140 lbs. this 9 month old Great Dane will be a great addition to the teams. (limited bookings available)


Big love. At 155 pounds, this Landseer Newfoundland is an exceptionally sweet soul. His paws are bigger than most people's feet.


A sweet and 'houndsome' Beagle. He loves bringing joy to people, and is wonderful with children. Get ready for some kisses and deep pressure therapy on your l​ap.


Bobo is a 5 1/2 pound Teddy Bear Pomeranian. He was adopted by his paw-parents from another family who couldn't take care of him anymore due to life changes. King Bobo is a very docile, cuddly and loving little pooch.


taking a nap


Mendo is a happy, loving and silly Boston Terrier! He loves to go for walks where he tries to eat all the sticks and chase all the frisbees! He loves to snuggle under the covers after a long day or beside his little big brother Ripley the Boxer. He's the sweetest angel around.

INDIE (Hypo)

Indie (Indiana Jones fame) is a 4 year old F1B Mini-Labradoodle. She is super affectionate and if you are agreeable she will gently place her paws on your shoulders and pepper your face with soft kisses. Indie is an expert at the doodle side-eye, and she loves to snuggle. 


Meet Brutus, a 3 year old French Bulldog! He loves to cuddle all the time and put people to sleep with his snoring. He is a big dog stuck inside a Frenchie’s body. This little piggy can’t wait to meet you at your next event!​


This 120 pound lanky lady is an Irish Wolfhound who enjoys exploring her city via TTC. Some of her favourite pastimes are sitting on laps, leaning in for lots the pets and giving kisses.


Echo just loves being a Therapy Dog.

He is sure to make you melt with his soft demeanour and vocal stylings.


Doongie is a gentle Husky who has two different coloured eyes. He's gentle with seniors and young children. He absolutely loves food, pets (especially belly rubs) and eating snow.


Mila is an Arctic Princess. 

She brings a warm, glowing heart, a perpetual smile, and her temperament is EXCELLENT, especially with children.

Loves playing in the snow, receiving affection, attention, hugs and cuddles. 


Liza is a sweet, goofy Chocolate Lab. Loves jet skiing, kayaking, and swimming. She has her nails painted different colours every week. 

DUSTY (Hypo)

Dusty is an Adult and Child Certified Hypo Pup. She is very sweet, soft, and gentle. Dusty is very loving and compassionate with children and adults alike.

When not working Dusty loves chasing squirrels at the park and chilling at home with her family and squeaky toys.


Wellington is a seven-year old Whoodle - a mix of a soft coated Wheaton Terrier and Poodle. Super curious, intelligent and social, Wellington is most happy when he’s in the company of children, seniors or large crowds. His motto is “the more the merrier”. Thanks to his affectionate, melt-your-heart-eyes.


A pint-sized French mastiff, well trained & sociable his calm and friendly demeanor will make you want to snuggle and caress every wrinkle in his face


Hit by a car then left in a dumpster, this amazing dog made it to his forever home via Dog Tales Rescue. Every visit Chee does

will result in a donation to Dog Tales.


Kobe is 4 years old.

At home his nicknames are “The Kobester” “Kobe -1” and we call him “Boots” because he sleeps on his back with all 4 feet in the air.

Kobe is a dock jumper and can launch himself 10 ft off the dock to retrieve his water toys. He will jump right into your heart.


Mylo loves humans, and is especially great with kids! He loves to play, nap, and impress his humans with his many tricks. Mylo enjoys head scratches and belly rubs, and playing in the snow!


Harley is a fun-loving and very curious corgi. He’s always out exploring and happy to show you his favourite hotspots. Harley is already a media darling being featured in ad campaigns, TV appearances, editorial shoots and even radio!


Tucker is a 9 year old Golden who loves to swim put prefers rolling in the winter snow. He is famous for greeting people with gifts of socks and shoes. This loving gentle giant has a sweet personality you will surely love


A 2 year old French Bulldog who loves attention! He will gladly accept blueberries and apples, behind the ear, belly and butt scratches. And if you find THE SPOT - you’ll get to hear his signature “purrr”. Don’t let Mayo’s compact body fool you, he is a mighty strong 25lbs! He is a smiley, loving, fun pup who can’t wait to meet you and grace your workplace with his snores and piggy-like snorts! 


Ella is a northern rescue pup. She is very sweet, loving, easy going and playful. Snuggling is her favorite thing to do! Is known for her famous paw pose when taking pictures and offering treats. Everyone falls in love with her as soon as they meet her. 


Anuk is an all-white 6-year-old Siberian Husky that came to her family as a foster.

The first time they met her, she covered them with husky kisses. She is so easy going, gentle natured and cuddly, they just had to adopt her. She is great with kids, seniors and everyone in between.

She has stunning ice blue eyes that just melt your stress away.


Another gentle giant. Beau is very chill and relaxed Newfoundland which is a good thing when you are 150 lbs+. He loves the cottage and when being driven to a Therapy Dog job, will only stand in the back seat of Dad's car.

LUCY (Hypo)

Lucy epitomizes the reason Standard Poodles have been mixed with so many OTHER dogs. She is SUPER-SMART, sweet, outgoing and LOVES to play.

Lucy has been a therapy dog since just after her first birthday. Her particular passion is kids.

Lucy is super intuitive and knows WHO needs Poodle love.  


My name is Elu.

I’m a 6lb Toy Poodle with lots of personality. 

My paw-rents refer to me as “officer” because I like to work my second job, keeping watch over our house. 

My favorite things are wearing my plaid jacket , playing with my best friend Nugget, and

meeting other humans and fur friends.


Lily is a 4lb Long-Coat Chihuahua. She loves backcountry camping trips and she always has her little life jacket on.

She knows several tricks and successfully uses them for her benefit when on the hunt for a treat.

She’s a social well behaved little dog that loves to be cuddled and pampered. 


Piper is a 3 year old Bichon/Shitzu/Maltese AKA Teddy Bear dog. She loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses! You can always tell her level of excitement by her tail. She is a very laid back girl.


Gucci will give you lots of cuddles and so much more! She is the cutest, fluffiest and softest lap dog that you will meet. She loves to be carried and held like a baby and she will shower you with kisses and fall asleep in your arms if you do! Loved by people of all ages.


Rosco is a gentle and loving senior Australian Sheppard. He loves playing tug of war and eating snacks ! He was adopted 2 years ago from a family who could no longer meet his needs and is now loving life again. 10/10 on the snuggle meter ! 


Charlie loves meeting people and will respond to “go say hi” by walking up to them for pets. If he likes you, he’ll rub his body on you and plops on his side for some belly rubs. If you don’t comply, he’ll simply move along to the next person that needs some love. He believes no lap should be lonely. 


Mr. Charles is a gentle natured senior dog who still embodies a playful character. He loves to be social and gather as many scratches as possible. He's known for his goofy, melt your heart smile and is sure to brighten your day!


 Marshall, the Morkie is a  6 lb little celebrity who loves to make everyone smile! He’s cute, friendly and most importantly comes dressed to impress! His gentleness and calm demeanour will have you relaxed and at ease in no time.





Royal Tenenbaum’s distinguished name hides a secret desire to eat all of your food. All of it. Being on a leash means this guy is ready to walk! Sitting still is only acceptable when getting pets. Let the deep amber pools of his eyes draw you in to his cuddle jail for an ear-scratchingly good time!


ROSIE (Hypo)

Rosie is a one year old Sheepadoodle who loves to play! Rosie’s sweet, silly and energetic personality makes her great company. With her many shades of grey, she will brighten up even the darkest days. 


Rudy is a 7 month old Bernadoodle puppy who loves everyone and is always eager for a cuddle. He is hypoallergenic, calm and brings good energy to us all!



Levi can think, talk, play soccer (for real), and please everyone around with his beauty and gentle nature. Levi always gets noticed because he is adorable and he makes people smile.


Joyful, adorable, soft, cuddly and super friendly.

For 7 pounds, Stella is fearless.

Stella puts a smile on everyone's face.

She will greet you with her wiggly little body full of excitement.



Toby is a spunky, fun loving little guy who brings joy everywhere he goes. He loves being the centre of attention and interacting with people. He’s super friendly and loves tummy rubs. 

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