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Let Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT) in Toronto, Ontario help you relieve stress in the workplace with trained therapy dog visits. Get a glimpse of how our four-legged friends can positively affect you and your team by browsing our gallery below.



This gentle giant, Harlow, is an award winning Therapy Dog who loves working with kids and adults. At 130 lbs she has huge WOW factor and is a crowd favorite * Harlow is Child Certified.



Champ is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

He's fun loving, sweet, eager to learn and has an endearing quality that allows him to immediately connect with people.



Mila is an Arctic Princess.

She brings a warm, glowing heart, a perpetual smile, and her temperament is EXCELLENT, especially with children.

Loves playing in the snow, receiving affection, attention, hugs and cuddles.



Doongie is a gentle Husky who has two different coloured eyes. He's gentle with seniors and young children. He absolutely loves food, pets (especially belly rubs) and eating snow.

​@doong2_ _


Harley is a fun-loving and very curious Corgi. He’s always out exploring and happy to show you his favourite hotspots. Harley is already a media darling being featured in ad campaigns, TV appearances, editorial shoots and even radio!



Bobo is a 5 1/2 pound Teddy Bear Pomeranian. He was adopted by his paw-parents from another family who couldn't take care of him anymore due to life changes. King Bobo is a very docile, cuddly and loving little pooch.



Bacon is a 16lb miniature Schnauzer.

He is a working fashion model and aspiring trick dog.

He likes getting into monkey business and being the centre of attention.



Bronco is a young Golden Doodle who is gentle, loving, and Mr. Social!! He prefers snow to sun, and a ball is his favorite toy in the world.


Wellington is a Whoodle - a mix of a soft coated Wheaton Terrier and Poodle. Super curious, intelligent and social, Wellington is most happy when he’s in the company of children, seniors or large crowds. 


A Pug who has a huge love for children and people of all ages. She is known for being an international traveller with her mum and makes friends everywhere she goes. She is also known for being stubborn, snoring and sleeping on freshly folded clothes.



Louis is a hypoallergenic fluff ball (Havanese) who enjoys visiting and cuddling all those he meets. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get your endorphins surging.


Liza is a sweet, goofy Chocolate Lab. Loves jet skiing, kayaking,

and swimming.

She has her nails painted different colours every week. 


A sweet and 'houndsome' Beagle. He loves bringing joy to people, and is wonderful with children. Get ready for some kisses and deep pressure therapy on your l​ap.



Mendo is an adorable, gentle Boston Terrier.  . He loves adventures, playing with his friends and is especially fond of visiting anyone who will give him a scratch. 


Darla is the definition of a gentle giant! She’s a big lady who thinks she’s a lap dog (and will quite literally try and sit on your lap). She was found as a street dog in Mexico in 2018, and was brought to Canada as a rescue. 


A French Bulldog who loves attention! He will gladly accept blueberries and apples, behind the ear, belly and butt scratches. And if you find THE SPOT - you’ll get to hear his signature “purrr”. Don’t let Mayo’s compact body fool you, he is a mighty strong 25lbs! 



Luna is a 2 year-old mini Aussie Doodle! She is a playful little lady whose tail is constantly wagging. When she is not playing with her toys in a downward dog position (her absolute favourite), you will find her snuggling on any part of your body giving you the best cuddles..


Broui is a rare-coloured Aussie Doodle. This classy pup is always ready for an adventure while dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. Broui is happy-go-lucky, loves meeting new friends, and visiting new places. . : @lifeinatuxedo


Stormy is a beautiful 2 year old Lab, named after the Dark and Stormy cocktail. She is affectionate with everyone, loves food, and likes to sleep with all four paws in the air.


Another gentle giant. Beau is very chill and relaxed Newfoundland (which is a good thing when you are 150 lbs+). He loves the cottage and when being driven to a Therapy Dog job, will only stand in the back seat of Dad's car.


Hello, I'm Ghost, a Husky/Shepherd x and oh boy do I love to make people smile. As soon as they make eye contact, I come in for a snuggle. When I am not snuggling into hoomans, you will find me modeling or acting in commercials.



Mochi's got spunk and spirit like any other dog (Shiba Inu). With a glint of mischief in his eye, he's probably silently judging all your life's decisions... don't worry though, he's putty in your hands when given a deep massage behind the ears and neck rolls.



Kirby is a sweet shy cuddly Havanese. He gets excited when the phone rings and he thinks it’s the pizza man! At 8 years old Kirby is living the good life and makes a good friend for his 80lb. puppy cousin Hank. 


What snorts like a pig, purrs like a cat and has ears like a bat? Pīna McNugget! As sweet and golden as a pineapple, this little nugget of love will snorfle her way into your heart. She loves meeting new people and enjoys being held like a baby. 



Everybody loves Georgie! With a Chow-Chow's purple tongue and the Corgi's short-stubby legs, what's not to love? He's a chill, sweet, and super soft rescue from the Dominican Republic who wants to be petted by everyone. 



Snickers is a Schnoodle who loves hanging out with friends of all ages. She has done over 200 visits at hospitals, airports, courtrooms and more. In her spare time, she enjoys stand up paddle-boarding and lounging in a hammock.



Anuk is an all-white 6-year-old Siberian Husky who came to her family as a foster.. She is so easy going, gentle natured and cuddly, they just had to adopt her. She is great with kids, seniors and everyone in between.


Luna is a 2 year-old mini Aussie Doodle! She is a playful little lady whose tail is constantly wagging. When she is not playing with her toys in a downward dog position (her absolute favourite), you will find her snuggling on any part of your body giving you the best cuddles. 


Daisey is a 5-year-old French Bulldog, who is often mistaken for a Boston Terrier due to her coloring. She has a very calm temperament and is sweet in every way. She enjoys her walks but also loves to be pushed around in her stroller to watch the world go by. 



Gabriella is a small but mighty Yorkshire terrier. She loves to play in the backyard retrieving her ball and playing in her swimming pool.

At the end of the day Gabriella enjoys curling up in bed with her little sister Gracie..


A mix of French Bulldog & Pug, he loves carrots, treats and humans. He is a uniquely coloured brindle and is always happy! He wiggles when you pet him and gets excited to go outside. Jagger loves his big sister Pumpkin and will give you a paw if you ask him nicely.


This is Kona - a happy go-lucky girl, adaptable to any environment and situation, especially if she’s the center of attention. Born to be cuddled and picked up, and lives for adoration and pets from people she meets. She might give you a kiss if you aren’t careful!


Gracie is a tiny but fearless Yorkshire terrier. She keeps up with her big sister Gabriella as they are always on security patrol in the backyard. Nighttime finds Gracie curled up with her sister Gabriella dreaming of what she will explore tomorrow.


Flowzy is a 1 year old Pot cake puppy from Bahamas . Flowzy was named Flowzy because she literally, ‘goes with the flow’. She is very sweet with all dogs - big and small.


An Irish Terrier and Golden Retriever cross. Her favourite things are sleeping in in the morning, her boyfriend Charlie the Cairn Terrier down the street, and having her belly rubbed. 


We’re excited to welcome our first Basenji (a.k.a. African Barkless Dog) DiDi is a smart and curious  puppy and the most beloved little brother for his ​hooman sister. When he’s not enjoying cuddle time or chasing after squirrels, 



Spoon(ful), is a young

Australian Labradoodle, loves

everybody -Humans and dogs

of all sizes. While he longs to

be chased in the park (and he

is lightening fast), what

Spoon really enjoys is

affection from people!


Meet Mookie!

He is a 1 1/2 year old Frenchie. He loves to snuggle and play all day. 

He will do anything for a treat and is guaranteed to make you laugh.


This is Myca. He’s a sweet Mini Bernedoodle, 8 years young 35lbs with the soul of a puppy. He’s spreading joy as a Therapy Dog veteran of 5 years, non shedding and hypoallergenic he loves being the centre of attention.